Month: October 2016

China In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Market to Keep on Growing through 2021, Says DPI Research in Report Recently Published at

During the past few years, the Chinese in–vitro diagnostics (IVD) market has been following an upward trend. Furthermore, this market is slated to keep on growing steadily in the offing, with the highest growth potential in such segments as chronic disease testing, infectious disease testing and early-stage diagnosis. The Chinese IVD market is likely to

Thai Revenues from MICE Travelers to Amount to USD 4 Billion by 2022, Expects DPI Research in New Report Published at

At present, the MICE industry forms one of the key sectors that Thai government have plans to develop so that to stimulate quality visitors abroad and within the country. Thailand emerges to be amongst the most popular and important MICE destinations globally since it can boast solid basic infrastructure, international connectivity, a strategic location, and

Europe is Key Destination for UK Outbound Tourists, According to New DPI Research & Marketing Solutions Report Available at

The UK represents one of the world’s largest tourist generating regions due to strong currency and a relatively high income per capita. The country’s outbound tourism market is expected to be approximately USD 70 billion by 2020. Love of UK residents to leisure travelling and advertisements by tourism boards aimed at attracting foreign tourists are

Breast Implants Market to Register Healthy Growth through 2022, States DPI Research in Its Cutting-Edge Report Available at

Nowadays, breast augmentation ranks the top cosmetic surgical procedures across the globe. The word’s breast implants market is likely to keep on growing at a steady rate in the years to come, spurred by rising disposable incomes of female population, enhancing popularity of breast augmentation procedures, increasing awareness of beauty. Other important market drivers include

Global Knee Implants Market to Exceed USD 7 Bn by 2021, States DPI Research in Its New Report Recently Added at

The future outlook for the world’s knee implants market looks promising due to ongoing advances in computer-assisted total knee implants and also other technological platforms. The continued market growth will likely be supported by aging global population, rising demand for knee replacement procedures, enhancing heath awareness, rise in consumers’ spending capacity, amid other factors. The

Global POCT Market to Reach USD 38 Bn by 2022, According to DPI Research in Its New Report Available at

The dynamic of point-of–care testing (POCT), or bedside testing, is designed to bring medical diagnostic testing nearer to the patient. POCT facilitates to inform faster, immediate decisions for clinical management of the patient in physicians’ offices, hospitals, ambulances, patients’ homes, and in the field. The worldwide POCT market is forecast to reach USD 38 billion by

High–Intensity Focused Ultrasound Therapy Grew in Popularity, According to New DPI Research Report Available at

Recent advancements in high–intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) have raised its popularity. In clinics, HIFU has been used in the treatment of a diversity of solid malignancies in a clearly defined volume, comprising the liver, pancreas, prostate, uterine fibroids, breast, and soft–tissue sarcomas. By contrast with traditional tumour/cancer treatment modes, like open surgery, radiotheraphy and chemotherapy,

Neurovascular Intervention Market to Amount to USD 4 Billion by 2022, Forecasts DPI Research in Its New Report Available at

Increasing prevalence of the cerebrovascular disease along with risk factors associated with it, population ageing and establishment of appropriate reimbursement are some of factors encouraging growth of the neurovascular intervention marketplace. As a result, this market is expected to reach a value of approximately USD 4 billion by 2022. The value will be higher if