Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) Market to keep on growing through 2021 says DPI Research

Market growth can be attributed to factors such as high incidence rate of babies born with Down syndrome, no risk of miscarriage with NIPT and shifting trend towards child bearing at advanced maternal age (35 years or older). With increased patient access to NIPT test, the NIPT market is anticipated to have a positive outlook in the coming years. High test cost, strict regulatory requirements and ethical hurdles is restraining the growth of NIPT test market.

United States is seen as the dominant player in the NIPT test market followed by Germany, China and India in 2015. In the coming years, NIPT test market is expected to witness the highest growth rate in the Asian region, with emphasis on China and India. These countries are expected to increase revenues for the manufacturers of tests involved in NIPT test market.

On the basis of test, MaterniT21 plus test has gain its momentum in 2011 when there was only one NIPT test available in the market. MaterniT21 test market revenue value was US$ XX Million in 2015. It is expected that MaterniT21 plus test will lead the NIPT test market with the market share of more than XX% by the year 2021. Other NIPT tests such as Panorama, Harmony, Verifi, NIFTY and Prerna test have emerged as the promising test in the NIPT test market. The major companies are expanding their tests through collaboration, distribution agreement, strategic alliances and partnerships with clinical laboratories and hospitals.

The research report presents a comprehensive assessment of the market and contains thoughtful insights, facts, historical data, and statistically supported and industry–validated market data. It also contains projections using a suitable set of assumptions and methodologies. The research report provides analysis and information according to categories such as market segments, country wise actual and potential market, NIPT test analysis with volume and market revenue and competitive landscape. The report also covers market growth drivers, challenges, current and upcoming trends of the NIPT test market



Global Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) Market – By Test Type

1.    MaterniT21 PLUS

2.    Harmony

3.    NIFTY

4.    Verifi

5.    Panorama

6.    PrenaTest

7.    BambniTest

8.    informaSeq

9.    VisibiliT

10.  Veracity

11.  IONA Test

Global Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) Market – By Country

1.    United States

2.    United Kingdom

3.    Germany

4.    Italy

5.    Spain

6.    France

7.    Switzerland

8.    Sweden

9.    Belgium

10.  Australia

11.  New Zealand

12.  Japan

13.  China

14.  India



Research Methodology

DPI Research’s team of researchers and analysts use a variety of research sources for making a report. Most of the data – information and statistics – for our products is gathered using the secondary research by our in–house team of researchers. The main objective of DPI Research’s secondary research exercise is to exhaust all sources of published information including websites of government agencies, consumer and trade associations, annual reports and accounts of companies, news articles from well–known publications and online databases like Factiva, OneSource, Thomson, Hoovers, etc. The data thus gathered is send to our team of analysts who verify that data and look for research gaps. These gaps are filled through primary research, that is, our analysts gain information from various agencies, associations and companies using customer surveys, telephonic and email interviews, etc. Finally, all the information collected using secondary and primary research is analysed and synthesized by our analysts and is presented in a report.

Industry information and data for this report has been sourced through numerous channels including publically available information from companies’ and industry association websites. For industry sizing, segmentation and trends, apart from desk research, we have contacted industry experts and executives from various companies.

Market forecasts are done using statistical forecasting techniques based on historic performance. Statistical tools are further supplemented with qualitative parameters like industry expectation, economic drivers, new product development, customer surveys, ongoing research, etc.

All the information gathered was then analysed and synthesized by our in–house team of analysts.

China In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Market to Keep on Growing through 2021, Says DPI Research in Report Recently Published at

During the past few years, the Chinese in–vitro diagnostics (IVD) market has been following an upward trend. Furthermore, this market is slated to keep on growing steadily in the offing, with the highest growth potential in such segments as chronic disease testing, infectious disease testing and early-stage diagnosis. The Chinese IVD market is likely to exceed USD 10 billion in 2021, growing at a double-digit CAGR from 2016 up till 2021.

Key market growth drivers include increasing incidence of chronic diseases, enhancing public health awareness, rising number of elderly people, growing number of independent testing laboratories and private hospitals, by escalating demand from the middle-class, among others.

In the meantime, the Chinese IVD market growth is restrained by difficulty for foreign companies to enter the low-end IVD products market, absence of quality products by the Chinese companies and low reimbursement rate.

Todays, the largest share of the Chinese IVD market belongs to the immunoassay segment, which is expected to remain the leading segment by 2021. Clinical chemistry, molecular testing and POCT are amid the segments that are also expected to develop at swift pace in the years to come.

The Chinese market for IVD is dominated by such majors as Roche, Sysmex Corporation, Abbott Laboratories, Mindray and Shanghai Kehua Bioengineering (KHB).

The insightful research report “China In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) – Opportunity Assessment, Competitive Landscape and Market Forecasts to 2021” elaborated by DPI Research & Marketing Solutions provides an in-depth analysis of the Chinese in vitro diagnostics (IVD) market, includes important facts, provides historical data and discloses vital statistics. The research publication also covers the market dynamics, offers a thorough market segmentation analysis, highlights the latest developments and new product launches. In addition, top companies’ profiles and their product portfolios are available here. Future projections for the market up to 2021 are at hand, too.

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Thai Revenues from MICE Travelers to Amount to USD 4 Billion by 2022, Expects DPI Research in New Report Published at

At present, the MICE industry forms one of the key sectors that Thai government have plans to develop so that to stimulate quality visitors abroad and within the country.

Thailand emerges to be amongst the most popular and important MICE destinations globally since it can boast solid basic infrastructure, international connectivity, a strategic location, and more. It plans to develop more MICE-related amenities in the years to come.

The country is expected to attract over 1.3 million MICE travelers and generate approximately USD 4 billion revenues by 2022.

Meetings form the largest segment of the local market. Their share amounted to 75% in 2015 and it is expected to remain nearly the same in the upcoming years.

East Asian countries are the main source of MICE travelers for Thailand. Europe, South Asia and the Americas are other important sources.

Country-wise, China dominates the travelers’ inflow in Thailand, and it is followed by Japan, Vietnam and Malaysia.

New research report “Thailand MICE Industry & Forecast to 2022” drawn up by DPI Research & Marketing Solutions provides a comprehensive guide to the Thai MICE industry. The study contains a through overview of the lucrative industry. It comprises historical and forecast figures associated with overall MICE travelers.

The report focuses on revenue shares and focuses on top 30 countries. The research study limelights growth drivers and investigates market challenges. It contains an insightful market outlook in value terms, as well. Market forecasts can be also found in the research report.

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US to Dominate Global Hip Replacement Implants Market through 2020, Says DPI Research in Its New Study Available at

The world’s market for hip replacement implants is anticipated to outstrip USD 5 billion, registering a healthy CAGR during 2016-2021.

As of 2015, the global hip replacement implants marketplace was dominated by the USA, which held a share of over 50% of the total market. Moreover, the USA is likely to remain an absolute leader in the world marketplace through 2021. In the meantime, Japan and China ranked the second and the third in the world hip replacement implants market in the past year. Meantime, the EU austerity measures together with cutbacks in reimbursement had a negative influence and caused a decline in the hip replacement implants market in some of countries of the European reion during the past several years; however, the number of procedures still continued to increase though at a modest pace.

Nowadays, Stryker, Zimmer Biomet, Smith & Nephew and DePuy Synthes are the dominant players in the world hip replacement implants market. Zimmer Biomet, DePuy Synthes and Stryker together command the lion’s share of the market (over 80%). In the years to come, Zimmer Biomet is predicted to be an unrivalled leader in the hip replacement implants market in the next 5 years.

Novel research report “Global Hip Replacement Implants Market 2016: Market Size, Analysis, Share, Competitive, Growth & Forecast 2021 Size” prepared by DPI Research & Marketing Solutions is a trustworthy source of valuable information on the hip replacement implants market. It provides an up-close review of historical market development, includes statistics on the current market performance and uncovers important qualitative and quantitative information. This comprehensive research publication canvasses the market dynamics, contains a detailed market segmentation analysis, highlights the current scenario across key geographies, comprises detailed profiles of the major market players and offers future projections for the market up to 2021.

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Europe is Key Destination for UK Outbound Tourists, According to New DPI Research & Marketing Solutions Report Available at

The UK represents one of the world’s largest tourist generating regions due to strong currency and a relatively high income per capita. The country’s outbound tourism market is expected to be approximately USD 70 billion by 2020.

Love of UK residents to leisure travelling and advertisements by tourism boards aimed at attracting foreign tourists are amongst key factors driving this marketplace.

Region-wise, Europe accounted for the largest share in all outbound trips made by travelers from the UK as of 2015. Country-wise, France, the USA and Spain were some of the most popular destinations for UK tourists in the same year.

Tighten travel laws in the USA represent one of major challenges of this market.

New research report “United Kingdom Outbound Travel Market – Trips & Spending to 2020” developed by DPI Research & Marketing Solutions offers a comprehensive discussion of the UK outbound travel marketplace. The study is a source of valuable information on outbound tourists visit and spending trends. It sheds light on shares countries and regions have.

Growth drivers of this market and challenges it faces are limelighted in the report.  Purposes of visit can be also found in the study. Forecast figures through 2020 are included in the report, too.

Other Markets Scrutinized by the Publisher Comprise:

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Breast Implants Market to Register Healthy Growth through 2022, States DPI Research in Its Cutting-Edge Report Available at

Nowadays, breast augmentation ranks the top cosmetic surgical procedures across the globe. The word’s breast implants market is likely to keep on growing at a steady rate in the years to come, spurred by rising disposable incomes of female population, enhancing popularity of breast augmentation procedures, increasing awareness of beauty. Other important market drivers include enhancing emphasis on aesthetic appearance, remarkable technological advancements and innovations.

The global breast implants market is predicted to maintain steady growth in the years to come, registering a healthy CAGR through 2022.

Presently, silicone is the top breast implants material worldwide. In the previous year, the silicone sector accounted for an 80% share of the global breast implants market. This sector is likely to continue holding the lion’s share of the overall market in the years ahead.

Currently, Americas dominate the global breast implants market; this region is predicted to maintain its leadership through 2020, accounting for a share of over 60%. Meantime, the highest growth rates are anticipated to be recorded in the APAC region, primarily due to South Korea and China.

The research study “Global Breast Implants Market Analysis and Forecast 2016 – 2022” elaborated by DPI Research & Marketing Solutions provides access to a detailed assessment of the world’s breast implants market, offers in-depth market insights and also uncovers trustworthy data related to the historical, current and forecast market performance. It contains updated statistics, includes projections, examines the major market influencing factors, reviews the situation across the key geographical markets and also touches upon the recent developments, technological advancements and prevailing trends. The report explores the competitive scenario and offers info on top players. Moreover, future forecasts through 2022 are presented in the report.

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Global Knee Implants Market to Exceed USD 7 Bn by 2021, States DPI Research in Its New Report Recently Added at

The future outlook for the world’s knee implants market looks promising due to ongoing advances in computer-assisted total knee implants and also other technological platforms. The continued market growth will likely be supported by aging global population, rising demand for knee replacement procedures, enhancing heath awareness, rise in consumers’ spending capacity, amid other factors.

The world’s knee implants market is predicted to go beyond USD 7 billion value by 2021, registering a healthy double-digit CAGR in the next 5 years. The US is expected to maintain the dominant position in the world knee implants through 2021. Such country-wide markets as Japan, China and India will also enjoy remarkable growth in the upcoming years.

The worldwide knee implants marketplace is led by three players (Zimmer Biomet, DePuy Synthes and Stryker) together holding a share of over 80%. Other important market participants include Smith & Nephew, DJO Global and Exactech. Through 2021, Zimmer Biomet is expected to be an unrivalled leader in the overall knee implants market.

Cutting-edge research study “Knee Implants Market: Global Industry Analysis and Market Forecast 2016 – 2021” published by DPI Research & Marketing Solutions offers in-depth insights into the global knee implants market, gives a detailed market assessment and discloses reliable present, historical and forecast info on the market performance. It reviews the situation across the major geographical markets, uncovers a detailed analysis of the major market growth influencing factors, touches upon the prevailing market development trends and delves into competitive landscape. Profiles of top players are also at hand. Forecasts through 2021 are provided.

The Report Provides In-Depth Analysis of:

  • current market scenario;
  • market segmentation;
  • market dynamics;
  • historical evolution of the market;
  • competitive landscape;
  • factors shaping the market;
  • future possible development;
  • etc.

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Global POCT Market to Reach USD 38 Bn by 2022, According to DPI Research in Its New Report Available at

The dynamic of point-of–care testing (POCT), or bedside testing, is designed to bring medical diagnostic testing nearer to the patient. POCT facilitates to inform faster, immediate decisions for clinical management of the patient in physicians’ offices, hospitals, ambulances, patients’ homes, and in the field.

The worldwide POCT market is forecast to reach USD 38 billion by 2022-end. The market growth is primarily driven by surging prevalence of infectious diseases in developing nations, the soaring incidence rates of lifestyle associated diseases like heart ailments and diabetes, the increasing use of home–based POC testing devices, and technology advances regarding the development of cutting-edge, faster, and convenient-to–use devices are pushing up POCT demand. However, the growth can be hindered by obstacles in POC diagnostics test development, relative expensiveness of POC testing in comparison with central lab testing methods, reluctance towards acceptance and scale–up of POC technologies in many corners of the world.

New research study “Point of Care Testing – Global Analysis & Market Forecasts” prepared DPI Research offers a comprehensive examination of the 13 key POC tests market segments, covering their market size and 6-year forecasts, dynamics, growth, technology trends, regulatory requirements, competitive scenario, and emerging opportunities for the suppliers of instruments and consumables. The report also canvasses the market landscape and offers market share data. The study uncovers information on M&As, licensing and collaboration deals, and distribution agreements. The report gives a detailed assessment of the major drivers of, and challenges to the growth and expansion of the POCT market.

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High–Intensity Focused Ultrasound Therapy Grew in Popularity, According to New DPI Research Report Available at

Recent advancements in high–intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) have raised its popularity. In clinics, HIFU has been used in the treatment of a diversity of solid malignancies in a clearly defined volume, comprising the liver, pancreas, prostate, uterine fibroids, breast, and soft–tissue sarcomas. By contrast with traditional tumour/cancer treatment modes, like open surgery, radiotheraphy and chemotherapy, HIFU offers the advantages of non–ionisation, non–invasion, and fewer complications after therapy. More Over 115, 000 cases have been treated globally with big success until 2015.

Rapidly expanding ageing population, high prevalence rates of heart diseases and cancer, surging number of new product introductions, increasing number of clinical trials relating to HIFU applications, and growing focus of top players on the development of technologically advanced systems are some of the major factors propelling the market growth. Furthermore, emerging applications like obstetrics and gynecology, urinary disorders imaging, neurosurgery, and removal of surplus subcutaneous adipose tissue utilising high–energy sound waves are also likely to stimulate the HIFU market growth over the next 6 years.

Still, the tight government regulations for the approval of HIFU system, growing price pressure market players are facing and unfavourable reimbursement scenario are the main stumbling blocks limiting the growth of this sector.

New research study “High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) by Company Profile, Deals Type, Key Trends & Opportunities to 2022” created DPI Research offers a comprehensive evaluation of the market on a global level, covering HIFU makers, research sites, preclinical and clinical research sites, commercial treatment facilities, treatment by indication. The report brings together information on key distribution agreement, collaboration and partnership deals in the world HIFU marketplace. Further, study profiles 10 leading manufacturers covering company overview, HIFU products, most recent developments, revenues and growth strategies.

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Neurovascular Intervention Market to Amount to USD 4 Billion by 2022, Forecasts DPI Research in Its New Report Available at

Increasing prevalence of the cerebrovascular disease along with risk factors associated with it, population ageing and establishment of appropriate reimbursement are some of factors encouraging growth of the neurovascular intervention marketplace.

As a result, this market is expected to reach a value of approximately USD 4 billion by 2022.

The value will be higher if existing restraints are eliminated. Some of such restraints comprise a high cost of treatment, a lack of skilled neurosurgeons, unmet needs, and more.

The USA reins the global market, but such emerging economies like China, Japan and India are set to show the swiftest growth in the upcoming years.

Growth in APAC will mainly stem from improvements in healthcare facilities, rising government investment and GDP.

Coil forms the largest single category of products on the basis of device. This segment has been witnessing slowdown of its growth over the recent years, with microwire/catheter, clot removal devices and carotid stents taking the lead. However, coil is unlikely to be dethroned in the upcoming years.

When it comes to companies, the market is ruled by Medtronic, Stryker, Terumo, and more.

New research report “Neurovascular Intervention Market Size, Market Share, Disease Analysis, Major Market Outlook, Product Analysis, Price Trend, Competitive Strategies and Forecast,2016 to 2021” worked out by DPI Research & Marketing Solutions offers a comprehensive guide to the world’s neurovascular intervention marketplace. The study provides a 360-degree overview of the global market. It contains a thorough overview of major devices and sheds light on revenue for each of them.

The report explores major country markets like the USA, France, Brazil, Spain, the UK, and more. The research study segments the marketplace on the basis of diseases and covers pricing trends. It concentrates on major products and throws light on M&A deals.

The research report delves deep into the competition in this space and analyses forces driving the marketplace or challenging it. Company profiles and future projections are also available in the study.

More new reports by DPI Research can be found at its page.


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