Covid-19 May Have Changed The Education Industry Forever

A formal education program is important to the mental growth and development of everyone. It plays a key role in socialization and contributes significantly to who people become in the future. Throughout this Covid-19 era, formal education has changed dramatically as schools look for alternative ways to teach their students in cities with restrictions. In places where in-person learning has resumed, students need to take extreme measures before they can be allowed to step into schools. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the education system forever. Even when the virus burns out totally, the world will need to accept many of the changes as the new normal.

Covid-19 Has Turbocharged the Evolution of Education 

A few decades ago, educators taught students the same way they were taught in their time. They typically dispensed knowledge without worrying about the educational needs of the student. However, things have changed significantly since then and the Covid-19 pandemic has turbocharged these changes. Now, teachers change their teaching styles from time to time to meet the needs of each student. This is why many schools migrated to online learning right after the coronavirus pandemic led to a lockdown in major cities. 

The primary purpose of education has evolved over time. It’s no longer simply about teaching students with a predetermined curriculum. Before the pandemic, most schools were focused on teaching students useful life skills that will give them a competitive edge in the future workspace. Schools are no longer driven by religious or political interests. This is why education is mandatory in most developed countries. Even developing countries are starting to adopt a more fluid approach to education. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has slowed down the progress many countries have made over the years. Some of the changes are listed below:

1. Online Classes and Blended Learning

Online classes have become the new normal in many countries thanks to the use of video conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype, and the likes. These apps allow students to have face-to-face interactions with their teachers and other students. They can ask questions and make contributions when necessary. Blended learning is a mixture of online learning and traditional schooling. In places with low infection rates, blended learning has been a more viable alternative to online learning. Before the coronavirus pandemic, online and blended learning were already gaining ground in the education sector. These methods of learning became more popular during the pandemic but they will remain long after Covid-19 ends. 

2. Personal-health Responsibility

There has been an increased emphasis on personal-health responsibility. The best way to protect yourself from the virus is to follow social distancing regulations, wash your hands regularly, and use a face mask whenever you’re in a public place. In-person schooling has resumed in many schools across the globe. However, students are being encouraged to take responsibility for their health at all times. Since their parents will not always be with them, the students have to make sure that they care for themselves round the clock but especially when they are in school. Years after the pandemic has ended, lessons on personal-health responsibility will continue to trend in schools. 

3. Tech-based Learning

The success of online and blended learning was only possible because of the advancement in technology in education. Web developers from different parts of the world have created amazing tools that make it easy for students to continue learning no matter what happens. Technology has been one of the driving forces in the evolution of education. Many parents have acknowledged that their children have benefited significantly from digital technology in education. While things aren’t perfect yet, a lot of progress has been made. Students are also being taught to be technologically-inclined. Every day, more schools teach students coding, web design, and many other soft skills. The best part about these courses is that they are easily accessible online. 


The coronavirus is the invisible enemy that has taken the world by storm. Now, more than ever, people need to put aside their differences and focus on finding a sustainable solution. It might take time and hard work but it will not last forever. When it does come to an end, there are some things that will never go back to normal. Technology will continue to turbocharge the evolution of education. Personal health responsibility will also remain a subject of key emphasis in the education sector. 

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